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UPDATE We are donating food Daily in our Head Office - Coimbatore

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    Elevating Lives, Igniting Change

    In the vibrant mosaic of Coimbatore, Chandrans Yuva Foundation is more than a charity—it’s a catalyst for change. From igniting hope to fostering a spirit of kindness, every action we take stitches together a future where compassion shapes destinies.

    We're not just dreaming of transformative change; we're actively and passionately crafting it into reality.

    Through dedicated efforts and unwavering commitment, we strive to uplift the lives of those in need within our community. We believe in the transformative force of empathy and aim to make a tangible difference through various initiatives that address pressing challenges.

    Shasikala Sathyamurthy

    Peak Support

    At Chandrans Yuva Foundation, our services are more than offerings—they're bridges to brighter tomorrows. Rooted in compassion and driven by impact, each service we provide is a stepping stone toward empowerment and lasting change. From aiding those in economic distress to nurturing well-being through accessible healthcare, our services embody the spirit of transformation. Join us in exploring how Chandrans Yuva Foundation's services are not just solutions but pivotal keys to a stronger, more connected community.


    In the heart of our community efforts lies Annasthalam, our initiative dedicated to eradicating hunger.


    Vasi Wellbeing Clinic

    Vasi Wellbeing Clinic is more than a healthcare center; it's a sanctuary dedicated to holistic wellness.



    ISR Run isn't just a marathon; it's a movement that drives meaningful change. It's a vibrant tapestry.


    Video Feed

    Support Us

    Your unwavering support fortifies our mission, shaping a future of positive change.


    Personal Info

    Donation Total: ₹1,000.00


    Support Surge

    Gift a Celebration, Share a Cause

    Your support brings smiles beyond festivities, marking the occasion with a meaningful touch.


    Serving Daily Smiles through Shared Meals

    Our commitment to providing nourishment every day, shared with love, enriching lives with each meal.


    Care Beyond the Cure

    Every contribution becomes a spark, illuminating pathways to brighter futures.



    DR. Manimegalai

    Go Green

    AC Ramachandran


    DRO Raghubathy

    Vice President

    At Your View

    Serving You with Distinction Every Day

    Donations 80%
    Volunteers 90%

    Free Medical Care

    Free Skill Training

    Free Clothing

    Free Bed Spreads/ Sheets

    Free Food Distribution

    Our Causes

    Visionary Vault

    Helpful Contribution

    our Products


    Cultivate Green

    In this green initiative, planting a tree becomes an act of stewardship for our planet. Your simple yet impactful action contributes to a healthier, more sustainable world, fostering biodiversity and combating climate change. Together, let's work hand in hand to create a legacy of environmental care, leaving an enduring imprint on Earth. Plant a tree today and witness the growth of a symbol of hope for generations to come.

    Plant a Tree


    Check Our News

    14 Mar - Annasthalam


    Annasthalam is not just a place where meals are served; it's a haven of compassion, a refuge for those in need.


    14 Mar - Disgenderable ISR


    At the heart of our mission lies the belief that everyone, regardless of physical or mental challenges, possesses unique talents and potential.


    14 Mar - ISR

    ISR Run

    A Journey of Purposeful Strides Step into the rhythm of change with ISR Run, an exhilarating event that transcends the ordinary run.


    14 Mar - Wellbeing

    Vasi Well-Being Clinic

    Discover a new dimension of healthcare at Vasi Wellbeing Clinic, where we prioritize your overall well-being.

    Thank you Mr. Mohan for your generous contribution towards today's mid-day meal to the needy people who flock to our foundation.

"Providing a midday meal isn't just about feeding the hungry; it's nourishing hope, nurturing potential, and fostering a brighter future for those in need."

    Thank you Mr. Surendar for your generous donation towards todays mid day meal. Your contribution has made a different impact to the needy people out there.

"Caring for the hungry at midday isn't just a meal; it's a moment of dignity, a gesture of compassion, and a promise of a better tomorrow."

    Thank you Mr. Sivakumar for your generous contribution towards today's mid day meal at Chandrans Yuva foundation.

" Providing a mid day meal isn't just about feeding the hungry ; it's nourishing hope, nurturing potential and fostering a brighter future for those in need".

    With your support and generosity, we've been able to reach out to hundreds of underprivileged people by creating awareness on important social issues as Free food, Free Medical aid, Free clothing, Free Tree plantation etc.

None of this would have been possible WITHOUT our Prestigious Members, Volunteers, Team and YOU – our community! 🌍💙

Thank you for being a part of our journey.🙏🙏

    Today, by contributing to the midday meal for those in need, you're not just feeding their bodies but nourishing their hope and resilience. Your generosity makes a tangible difference in their lives, fostering a community where everyone can thrive.
    and its team wishes Mr & Mrs. Shanmugam a very Happy Anniversary for their hearty contribution on this special day for the needy people.

"To a couple whose hearts are as big as their love for each other, congratulations on your wedding day! May your marriage be a reflection of your kindness and generosity, bringing hope and joy to all who know you."

    and its team thanks Mr.Gandhi for his contribution towards today's midday meal.
"Feeding the hungry isn't just about filling their stomachs; it's about nourishing their souls with compassion and kindness."
    and its team wishes Mr. Rakesh Modi a very Happy Birthday and the countless blessings he has received through many needy people for his contribution on Mid day meal today.

"Today, we celebrate not just your birthday but the incredible journey of making a difference. Your contributions are a gift to us all."


    Contact Us

    Commercial :

    + 91 9442624016

    Donation :

    + 91 99762 22222

    Drop a Line

    Information :


    Agency :


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