Located on the outskirts of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, a 3 storey building serves as the main ‘headquarters’ of the Chandran’s Yuva Foundation. Founded 3 years ago, the foundation has grown both in spirit and members. Now consisting of 8-10 blind people, 6 transgender people and several mentally disabled citizens, the foundation first ignited when now-founder of Chandran’s Yuva (C Sivanesan) decided to start this righteous cause, and tag along his friend and now-Chairperson/CEO S. Shasikala in the journey of ‘giving back to the community’. Their vision stemmed from their shared desire, “ To make the world ideal for everyone by extending the basic needs for a being – food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare”.

Starting from there, the 2 founders began reaching out across Coimbatore, trying to find out minorities that have turned to begging on the streets. This proved to be a difficult task, as many were wary at first at this ‘to-good-to-be-true job offer’ and were suspicious. However, many wanted a better future so they gladly accepted the invitation. Between 2 years within the foundation, these people overcame the odds and are now interacting with others without stress or fear. The foundation, along with many volunteers with kind hearts who helped immensely by contributing their valuable services and executing various initiatives, has come a long way from where they started. Featured in many articles and already hosted several renowned personalities, Chandran’s Yuva foundation has truly grown over the years. They have now hosted many initiatives, such as ‘Food 4 Needy’, ‘Invisible Kaleidoscope’, ‘Wagon of care’, ‘Disgenderable’ etc.

Today, Chandran’s Yuva foundation has been able to provide skill development training to for people which in turn positively impacts on the lives of their families for their development. Their initiatives have started reaching new heights and reach more people effectively on the basis of both skill development and society welfare. For example, the Disgenderable initiative helps make it possible for specially skilled people and women to become empowered in order for them to support their family. The backbone of Chandran’s Yuva foundation is their ISR, Individual Social Responsibility, which calls to every citizen to give back to the community. Several events in the past showcases appreciation of Yuva by society and Yuva’s involvement in events around Coimbatore: Women’s day celebration in women’s prison, donations to government schools, installation of ‘mother cubicles’, hosting of marathons, visits to SSVM and introducing a Yuva club, celebrating Christmas with elderly, opening a free clothes store and many more! Their vision and mission both strongly link to providing the basic needs for every human being – food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare. With a rightful purpose and committed members, the Chandran’s Yuva foundation has grown immensely through the years and made life-altering changes for good to countless destitutes across Coimbatore, and will continue to do so.

If you wish to support this noble cause, visit their site www.chandransyuva.com, or get in touch with them with the number or email provided in the site (99762 22222/admin@chandransyuva.com). Only 100 Rs is required to make you a lifetime member of Chandrans Yuva, but however small the amount is, it can make drastic changes in their lives. Support this empowering movement and be rewarded in a good conscience and the mentality that you have contributed to help a virtuous purpose.


– Srivishnu Ramachandran